backup your iphone on fedora linux 35

the following were used in this guide:

  • Fedora Linux 35
  • iPhone X
    • iOS 15.1
  • libimobiledevice 1.3.1

install dependencies:

dnf install -y libtool automake autoconf libplist-devel libusbmuxd-devel openssl-devel

install libimobiledevice-glue

from source:

git clone
cd libimobiledevice-glue
sudo make install

install libimobiledevice

from source:

git clone
cd libimobiledevice
PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig ./
sudo make install

backing up

(optional, but recommended) enable encryption with specified password

idevicebackup2 backup encryption on PASSWORD

backup your device

idevicebackup2 backup /path/to/iphone_backup


“Find My iPhone” must be disabled before proceeding:

Settings > Apple ID (The very first entry with your name) > Find My > Find My iPhone > Off

the --reboot flag passed below will reboot your device after the restore is complete

the same device

idevicebackup2 restore --system --settings --reboot --password PASSWORD /path/to/iphone_backup

to a new device

for this, you’ll need to specify the source UUID of your old device. you can get this by plugging in your old device via usb and running:


then, run the below:

idevicebackup2 --source SOURCE_UUID restore --system --settings --reboot --password PASSWORD /path/to/iphone_backup/