ansiblefest 2022

Better late than never? It’s been a lot longer than I would like to get a new post out… but as you all know, life happens. A lot of good things fortunately, so no complaints here.

I had a great time at AnsibleFest 2022 in Chicago. I’ve never been to this city, but the rivers were really neat:

It’s great to be at conferences in person again, virtual gatherings just don’t provide the same experience. I got to banter about industry, meet a lot of interesting folks, and learned some new best practices.

There were some great talks out there, but one that stood out to me (and will to you if you’re a tinkerer) was Jeff Geerling’s ‘Automating my Homelab with Ansible’. I even got to meet the man himself:

Here’s a quick grab from the keynote kick-off, the room was packed:

I didn’t take many pictures, so here’s a giant Ansible ‘A’ from the venue: